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24th December 2017

“I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.”

I just finished Little Women, and I got inspired by Jo to write. I get a lot of stories and thoughts, just like her. I am just too lazy to write them down. I think it is because I have a lot more distractions than she did, with my laptop and TV constantly being there around me. She mostly wrote to give life to the characters in her head, but I am writing because there is barely anyone to talk to these days.

Ever since Nani went away, things are not the same anymore at home. All of us were left shattered. Mummy was affected the most. She stopped talking to anyone for days and days.

Even now, she barely talks. She is the strongest one in the family, but right now she is so broken that even I come off as stronger than her. Papa tries hard to cheer her up, but at the end of the day, she goes to sleep with a morose look. I googled her symptoms, and it says that she has depression. I did not read further. It looked scary. Although mummy is like Mrs. March because she is so brave and kind, and I am Beth (because I seem too shy and quiet to people), the characters have changed currently. Right now, mummy is Beth because she is sick, Papa is Jo because he is taking care of her and I am Amy because I am kept away so that the disease does not reach me.

I don’t know how that helps though; I had read that depression is not contagious. Maybe it is like yawning. A depressed mummy might depress me.

It is Christmas tomorrow. I generally get a gift from mummy-papa, but then they said that we are not allowed to exchange gifts this year. I wish they would have allowed that though. I wanted to gift mummy-papa a family photo for the house. I would have used a nice frame for Archies and then hung it in the living room so that everyone is reminded how Nani is always there and that we are a closely knit family.

I decorated a small Christmas tree. It has been there for quite a few years, but I try to change the decorations every year as much as possible. This time, I made extra snowflakes and hung them on the tree. I have a few Tinkerbell fairies from Kinder Joy collection, so I put one of them on top of the tree. Then I kept the tiny gifts around (the empty cardboard ones) and put cotton for snow. It looks pretty.

Now tomorrow I plan to sing Christmas carols, go with Papa to buy a cake (won’t be hard to convince him) and watch Home Alone. I wish I had a sibling to do all of these things with. Being the only child in the house and trying to keeping the atmosphere jolly gets hard sometimes.

Maybe I should get that photograph framed.

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