The Reason For The Curses In Our Mythology

There are many curses’ that have been given to various characters of our mythology and it has been these curses due to which there has been major develpoments in the plot of every mythological story.

In the Ramayana king Dasrath was cursed by the parents of Shravaan kumar, Dasrath was on a hunting spree when he got seperated from his men while chasing a deer.

Being an expert in shooting arrows on the target just by hearing a sound {shabd bedhi baan} Dasrath shot his arrow which hit Shravaan kumar who was fetching water for his blind parents from the nearby lake .

Dying Shravaan kumar requested dasrath to take water for his blind parents and to inform them about the death of their only son, when Dasrath went to Shravaan kumars parents he found it very difficult to tell the truth to them as not only were they blind but Shravaan kumar was there only son and he made them sit in a palki and carried that palki on his shoulder and he was talking them for the chaar dhaam yatra { a pilgrimage which every hindu wants to undertake in order to wash their sin before their final time comes} .

Finally when Dasrath gathered the courage to tell the truth to Shravaan kumars parents, it only evoked a heart wrenching response from them, they were inconsolable on suffering such a terrible loss, they cursed king Dasrath “one day you too will suffer from the pain of being seperated from your son and that day king Dasrath you will realize our pain” saying this Shravaan kumars parents died and Dasrath was devastated not only because it was due to him that 3 human beings lost their life but also because now he feared for the lives of his dear sons Raam, Bharat, Lakshmaan and Shatrughan.

It was this curse which led to the death of Dasrath when Raam, Sita and Lakshmaan left for Vanvaas after Kekayi asked for her 2 boons from king Dasrath.

Dasrath loved Raam to such an extent that the thought of being seperated from him for 14 years resulted in him dying as soon as Raam left for the vanvaas, when Kekayi asked for her 2 boons, the first one being Bharat should be declared as the king of Ayodhya and the second one being Raam should be exiled for 14 years.

King Dasrath warned her that as soon as Raam leaves for Vanvaas , he too will die and that is what happened as soon as he got the news that Raam , Sita and Lakshmaan have left for Vanvaas , King Dasrath passed away.

yes the curse which he got evokes sympathy about how helpless he was that he couldn’t do anything to reverse this tragic incident that had ocurred but if we look at it from another point of view had it not been for this curse and the fact that Raam had not gone for Vanvaas how would a demon like Ravaan be killed?

Simillarly Ravaan too had been cursed a lot by various people.

once when Ravaan was going to Indralok {heaven} he heard the singing of a beautiful woman, following that voice when he reached the place he saw the celestial nymph Rambha, seeing her Ravaan approached her and asked her to marry him but Rambha refused it and said that she was betrothed to Naalkuver who was the son of Ravaans step –brother Kuber.

Ravaan said that an apsara {a celestial nymph} does not get married to anybody as she can never belong to an individual man and the hatred that he had for his step-brother Kuber and his sons made him rape Rambha .

when Naalkuver reached there he found a dishevelled and traumatised Rambha, finally she revealed the truth to him and in disdain Naalkuver cursed Ravaan saying

“if ravaan ever tries to force himself on any other woman his head will blast into 7 pieces “

Also Ravaan was cursed by Vedvati, she was a beautiful young girl who had renounced worldly life and had gone to the mountains for Tapasya {penance or ascetic rights} as she desired to marry lord vishnu.

when Ravaan saw her on the mountains while he was travelling in his Pushpak vimaan , he desired to marry her and approached her with a marriage proposal but she did not respond to any of his requests ,finally when Ravaan kept on calling her she got up from her place and blamed him for breaking her Tapasya .

Ravaan paid no attention to this and forcefully tried to take her away, an enraged Vedvaati then cursed him because she felt Ravaan’s touch had polluted her body and soul and she could no longer marry lord vishnu with this body thus she cursed Ravaan saying “due to Ravaan’s lustful ways and disrespect for woman, one day a woman who will be the wife of vishnu will become the reason for his death” saying so Vedvati killed herself and it was because of these two curses that the demon king of Lanka met his end,

He abducted Sita who was the wife of Raam and as we all know Raam was an incarnation of lord vishnu and sita was an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, wife of vishnu and that is the reason why Sita became the reason for the death of Ravaan and also Sita was unharmed in Lanka because Ravaan was aware of the curse of Naalkuvera and that is the reason why he tried his best till the very end to somehow make Sita accept his proposal of marriage.

these two main curses of Ramayana led to a whole lot of events in the epic, finally stating the fact that in the end it is good that emerges victorious and not evil.