The Traveler

Hello Readers! I am a Traveler (wink) and you? According to me a Traveler is the one who visits a place, explores it, learns a thing or two and then move ahead to visit a new place. Seldom you will find a traveler settled down at a place calling it his own land (Not that he does not belong to any but I hope you get my feelings).

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” -Buddha

Well I have taken the word “Traveler” a lil bit too seriously. The traveler in me has not been limited to the dimension of only travelling to places but has also started to travel and explore different aspects of life then be it sports, career or even relationships. So much so that I even started to travel in my dreams. This is a journey of my weird, good, not so good, crazy yet memorable experiences.The Journey is quite long but I will make sure to make it worthwhile. So are you ready to join me on my Journey?

Keep watching this space, the journey will begin soon.

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