Embrace The Glorious Mess That You Are

Why do you do things like this? Why can’t you just be patient? Why can’t you speak softly? Why can’t you do this? …..These are few expressions each one of us have to listen to in our daily life routine and these situations make us think why are we like this? Why we cannot be perfect like others? But do you really think anyone in this world could be perfect. Absolutely not! No one in this world is perfect. Even those people who we think are perfect have flaws that make them who they are but the problem is we don’t realize their flaws unless we spend time with them or we get to know them.

We humans never appreciate that our imperfection is beautiful. And we start criticizing every little thing of ourselves which at the end makes us unhappy. I am also very different from what people want me to be and they keep on poking me about my flaws, which completely blows away my happiness. But later, I realized… why other people should be the one to define who I am, why their thoughts should change my deeds. If they don’t like me, they should be the one to change their path instead of me changing myself. The way I do things and see the world around me defines who I am and maybe I am different but that makes me unique. Doesn’t it? Similarly, everyone out there is unique in their own way. And the thing that makes them unique is their own flaws and imperfection. So, be yourself, stay unique because your imperfections is what makes you beautiful, lovable, valuable. They show your personality and that’s the reason we all differ from each other. Our flaws not just make us beautiful but it also makes the world beautiful through its different flavor that defines different personalities. It’s time for people to understand that their flaws are not simply unwelcome nuisance; instead they are integral parts of their lives. Each of us has our own combination of flaws and struggles that make us who we are. They make us unique, special, and beautiful. That’s why instead of criticizing our flaws and imperfections, we should harness their beauty, manage them positively and simply cling to our imperfections.

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