Aim of life

In this life of ours, when a child is small we keep on pestering him with our demands, as to what does he want to do when he will grow up

The child habitually replies keeping in mind the big ambitions, either an astronaut or another Martin Luther

A sportsman or somebody who wants to bring a change in the world

But what happens when the child grows up?

The interest shifts. What now he thinks about is only money

Money becomes an integral part of his life

To nobody's surprise, people are living only for money. Moral values are taking a backseat.

Keeping in mind, the Self Actualisation theory given by the famous neo freudian, Abraham Maslow, one should aim for self actualisation. To be at one with the horizon, do things which make us feel happy and gratified. That should be the ultimate aim of life.

"Play your role in life with such passion , that even when the curtains go down, the applause doesn't stop"