The Theatre Of Life

Sitting in the middle row of a theatre to watch a trailer of the upcoming episodes of "Life's challenges" with a smile coupled with sadness on my face is precisely what I feel right now.

I look on my left to find a few people holding their heads in despair, and a few on my right, screaming. Next, I look behind, to see people, particularly the rich class wondering about how they'll repay their loans and stressing about which car to buy next.

Gradually, I look in the front row and nothing makes me feel more grateful. While each of us have our share of unfortunate circumstances along our path, the front seats have tenfolds more. They comprise of the poor people who are still smiling with that 100 rupee note in their pocket that has to last them a month because they know how to enjoy without buying materialistic things. They have million reasons to stress about but they choose to be happy. The front seaters also include, the people who've had severe accidents and are probably on their death bed waiting for death to arrive in a carriage with immense pain. They don't look at buying one more car, earning one more certificate, they simply want to survive. It is on the death bed that most people realise what joys of life actually are.

We all complain, get frustrated, annoyed, angry when things don't go our way even though we're not in any of those brutal circumstances. We're those people sitting in the middle and back seats and hence we can afford to take life's challenges while having popcorn, but we choose to think we own all problems in the world. We choose to think that life can't get tougher and what we're facing won't get any better. We choose to think that our problems are the end of the world.

But my dear friends, if miracles happen to people even sitting on the front seats, where a beggar with his hard work and dedication becomes a millionaire, where people in the ICU become in a stable condition and gradually recover, why are we being so pessimistic? 90% of our stress is created by overthinking about things that we think would happen. Ironically, most times they don't happen. We are responsible for that extra burden we take on our shoulders due to poor management of priorities.

Life is beautiful with its ups and downs but how you chose to take it is what eventually matters. The skies may be grey, the economy may be bad or there may be various situations beyond your control, however, the only thing in your control is how you choose to take it. Smile or frown, life will anyways offer you what you have to learn and when you look back you'll be glad things turned out that way.

So the next time you find yourself feeling down, remember the front seaters are happy with less than what you have even though they are going through more than you are. Be grateful.

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