If You Want To Soar In Life, You Must Learn To F.L.Y

No matter how we behave with people around us, they will always love us according to their need and mood. That’s what breaks us but according to me that should be the time for us to be strong enough to respect ourselves by taking a step back from their life and walking away. We need to understand that not everyone we love is going to love us back so if we need to accomplish any great thing, we first need to F.L.Y (First Love yourself), as a result nothing in this world will have the capability to tear us down.

Reading this people might think who doesn’t love oneself, but if we really love ourselves, we should know our worth, we should know our capabilities, we should know how to walk away in situations where people don’t realize our importance, we should know how to make ourselves feel better and we should know how to learn from our past experiences and how to build that as a stepping stone in our life. That’s not easy right? So, now would you all agree with me that not every one of us know how to love oneself as its one of the hardest things to do.

It was difficult for me as well to realize my Self-worth. It was that time of my life when everything was new around me- new individuals, new surrounding and a totally different lifestyle. I am sure many of you would agree with me that we all have gone through this phase at least once and that’s the time when we are supposed to trust ourselves but I couldn’t.

I was afraid of what people might think about me, I was scared that maybe they won’t understand me, they won’t accept me the way I am and that’s where I went wrong and dint realize the fact that- it’s how we treat ourselves sets standards for how others will treat us. Time flew and I was still not confident enough, but one day I got up in the morning and I thought why should I be concerned about what others think about me or what others do. I should behave the way I am and should be proud of myself.

That morning was the biggest turning point in my life, and as I started respecting myself, I got to know my actual worth. I understood that I can do much better and I can achieve what I want. That change made me realize one really important lesson of life that self worth is the key to happiness, and if we don’t feel good about our self...it’s really hard for us to feel good about anything else.

The journey of life has nothing to do with being nice; it’s all about being real, authentic, having boundaries and respecting our own space first and then others. By doing this... self care for everything else will follow not motivated by fear but by love. So now is the time for you to act… MAKE PEACE WITH THE MIRROR AND START NOTICING YOUR REFLECTION CHANGE.