Lament for a Lost Phone

I remember the day I got you,

Your sleek black back seemingly shining with the promise of great things to come.

You were such a stark contrast to my old phones,

A series of scratchy hand-me-downs which were my destiny as the younger sibling.

I remember how I crooned over your great specs,

Taking you out of my pocket every now and then just to admire your beauty.

I remember how you became my closest companion,

Someone who never left my side be it day or night.

I would wake up with your alarm and go to sleep with eyes squinting against your bright screen.

I would use you to avoid looking awkward when I was with strangers.

I even called upon you whenever I needed to talk to somebody.

But our times of happiness have now ended,

Our days of companionship now a thing of the past.

Your absence hits me out of the blue,

As I pat my pocket and realize that that which held you now holds you no more.

So goodbye, dear phone, and all that you held for me.

Goodbye, carefully edited selfies, my storehouse of dependable dp’s.

Goodbye, my write-ups, my innumerable stories and flights of fancy.

Goodbye, my to-do lists, even though I never did do you.

Goodbye, funny photos, saved from my countless excursions to the dankest of sites.

And goodbye, my screenshots, of things that I promised I’d one day look up but never did.

Goodbye, my phone.

R.I.P. You will be MISSED .

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