The Raw Soul

The Raw Soul

To be raw is to be rare

To be rare is to be unique

But Oh! dear lord

To be raw is to be vulnerable

And Oh this vulnerability

which none chooses to show to one

but only to another raw soul

may give thy heart to

the devil disguised as

the raw soul

And the free soul is rare

and the free soul is raw

and that free soul is a wanderer

A wanderer in the land of imagination and thoughts

To stub it down won't do it apart

Just as the bird comes out from the shell

so will this raw soul, one day arise from it all

And it will flare its wings up so high and shine as bright as the golden sky

But this free soul is different from all

To contain the rawness despite it all

And this rawness thy lord, is what makes it different from all

Therefore don't fool thyself into giving this raw soul to the devil

because the devil will only tear it apart

Contain thyself and rise above from the devil that holds you with his filthy claws

And Oh dear raw soul

Dont you fall because

To be raw is to be rare

And to be rare is to be unique of them all.