Life Is About Expressing Yourself Not Impressing Others

Will people think I am a simple-minded individual or will they laugh about my opinions? Will they totally judge me if I present my thoughts? Am I going to be the one who will be judged and never accepted? These are some silly thoughts we get in our mind before answering any question in class or before presenting our ideas in a business meeting or in any organization where we are supposed to present…… So what do u think this is? Are we really scared of putting our views or we fear about being called dumb. According to me our biggest fear is what others might think. We are never scared of presenting our thoughts; we are scared of how people will react after that opinion of ours. And Its just like saying we are never scared of dark instead we are scared of what’s in it. But have you ever imagined it in a positive way ....that our opinion might be the unique one. It can be different from what others think but that’s what people want these days right? We all expect something different and unique. We all are eager to meet than one person who always comes up with new ideas, who think out of the box and are enthusiastic to make the best out of every situation. That’s why we all need to realize that fear doesn’t stand for “Forget everything and run” instead it means “Fight for everything and Rise.” If in past people like Mark Zuckerberg had feared about bringing something new and different to the world, we would have never experienced something creative like Facebook. Similarly if we fear about answering the little questions that the world throws on us …we would never know what we are capable of , we would never know how creative and innovative we are… so stand up …face the world…devote yourself to your idea..Convince others and make it happen. Don’t let it go and never let off your dream just like that because fear of not doing a particular thing is just temporary but the regret of not doing it lasts forever.