This story dates back somewhere in mid-April, my friend Aditya and I met near the 1090 chauraha in gomti nagar, Lucknow. We went to a Café had a cup of coffee and had our regular discussions.

On getting out of the Café, in the hot scorching sun, a beggar approached us and said “please give me 5 rupees, I haven’t had food since a long time”.

Me- “Work hard, don’t beg. You don’t get anything for free in life”

There was some garbage kept on the end of the road.

Aditya – “There’s some garbage kept on the end of the road, clean it and we well give you 20 bucks”.

Listening to this, the beggar with a sudden rage showed a string out of his shirt and said – “I am a Bhramin I cannot do such work!”

Listening to this Aditya replied- “even we are bhramins, I am Dixit and he’s Joshi ”.

Beggar- “No..no..not at all! I’ll do anything but I’ll never do such menial work, it's against my caste!”.

Me- “Okay, so your caste says that you can beg but not work hard? No matter which government comes and goes, no matter which scheme is launched, nothing can happen till people have attitude like this”.

Beggar “No.. no I’ll never work like this(turning away and going back)”

We geared up on our bikes and went back.

This is just an example of how people’s mindset is towards the Caste System. Till people have such mindset. Leave aside the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan scheme any scheme won't work nor progress can be done in the country until and unless people realise work is not big or small it is equal for everyone.

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