The Pacific Quest - Chapter 3

The Alaska and the Violent Ocean.

When we sailed further East we encountered a low pressure belt. The low pressure belt means a bad sign for ship. The seas turn violent, winds become furious and the swells become monstrous.

Monstrous swells hitting the ship's bow.

Wind force reaching almost 9.

Wind blowing at speed of 80 knots and above.

Swells almost 15 to 20 meters high.

In order to avoid the rough weather, ship had to alter it's course and sail more northwards. So we passed south of Aleutian Islands, Alaska. A beautiful sight after the violent sea.

Snow capped hills of Aleutian Islands, Alaska.

Snow clad lands of Alaska.

Snow depositions on the ship. Temperature -1° Celsius.

Ship's crew trying to walk through the snow on the upper deck.

Cadet finding it hard to keep his eyes open owing to low temperature and cold wind.

The chapter following this will be the last leg of the journey to Peru. Keep watching this space.