December 17, 2016

I’ve seen gods bleed and mortals survive.

I’ve seen empires rise and civilizations fall.

I’ve stood in a battlefield and watched my brethren die,

I’ve known the glory of honor, and the horror of its pursuit.


I’ve known grandeur and the glow of peace,

Fallen in love and have been betrayed.

I’ve been to a world where no one ever dies,

And to a world where everything is already dead.




I’ve breathed in magic and spoken spells,

Counselled kings and met with elves.

I’ve stood at the End and gazed into the vast void beyond,

And I’ve learned the answer to life, the universe, and everything in itself.


I’ve been a warrior, a wanderer, a tinker, a thinker.

A ninja, an arcanist, a princess, a witch.

Because I,

Am a reader,

And I’ve lived a thousand lives in this one.

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