The Cave You Doubt To Enter Holds The Treasure You Seek

“Hey why don’t you give it a try” was his words, when the guy approached me to join the organisation. I stood there listening to him and signing the form as I dint want to sound to ignorant. But later I was not interested in joining that organisation or should I say was just too scared to take a chance because of the fear of rejection. Days passed and selection day came near.... Everyone was motivating me to go and just give it a try but I was being adamant on not going for it. Then my mom told if you think you belong there and you are just scared to go, then its worth giving it a try because staring at the line won’t give you anything so it’s better for you to cross the line and suffer the consequences which might be positive.

Everyone’s confidence really motivated me and I thought what’s the harm in giving it a chance. So I stood up and went for the interview. As I stepped inside the room... it scared the hell out of me but I stood strong and faked the confidence. Everything went smoothly and I didn’t even realize how time passed and as I finished the interview there was a smile in my face not because of how my interview went but because I had that feeling of accomplishment by facing my fear and trying something which I really wanted to but was scared to.

Then came the day when the results were supposed to be out.. I was kind of nervous as I did give my best and deep inside wanted to be selected. So I went online and opened the link... And there it was my name in the public speaking cluster of APC SPEAKS... my joy at that time was priceless even though I was totally clueless about what’s going to happen in future...I was literally jumping.

After few days I went for my first training. It was super fun to be there but that fear of presenting in front of the whole bunch of individuals was still there ... I thought it would gradually go and started to attend the training on a regular basis. I don’t know if it was the desire to overcome thae fear that was making me attend the training or I was actually starting to love that environment and those people in the organisation. There were lots of ups and downs due to regular competitions happening but it never made me quit the organisation. I never gave up even though I feared to go inside each and every day .....I could never think of leaving the organisation as I became a part of it. This organisation showed me my actual worth from the time when I was one of the bottom ranked speakers to the time when I won 1st runner up award in a public speaking competition.. Everything was beautiful and perfect and I loved spending time there.

But time came when I had to leave the organisation as my family was permanently shifting somewhere else. It was one of the most difficult times of my life as those people became like a family to me and it felt like I was leaving my loved ones behind but I also knew for the fact that they would always be there for me.

Those memories are still part of my life and will always be as some memories can never be replaced and these are the memories that make me smile and give me confidence even if I am struggling.....and it all happened just because I grabbed that opportunity which was given to me. That’s why I want to tell people if there is even a slight chance of getting something, risk it and take that chance because you never know how perfect something might turn out. <3

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