Stress - The Ubiquitous Neck-Breather

All of us have felt it. It may be due to a looming deadline, an exam the next day, expectations, or maybe even things you could not begin to comprehend. Stress has been our companion. The little imp, right next to the devil on our shoulder, whispering the things we would rather not hear, gently blowing down our necks; sending shivers down our spines. Always there, even in it's littlest form. And every time you think it's gone; poof! It’s there again.

A particular riddle I like relates well to this. If you say my name, I am gone - Silence. Stress is something that thrives on it. Every time, you're at your most comfortable, may it be with a peg or with a book. The faintest of thoughts is all it takes to remind you of the little bugger, still there staring at you with a coy smile and a shit eating grin, an expression that screams, "You aren’t off the hook yet, buddy." Humans have made more progress in the last 200 years than they did in the last 2000. Lives have started to matter. The notion of doing your share for the world and making one's own mark on it has become a more pressing concern for people to be able to make it, but many succumb to stress in the process. They end up doing things that they don’t intend to, making decisions that they would rather not make, were it not for the existence of stress.

Stress is inevitable. Stress is ubiquitous. Stress is there to stay. One can either bend over backwards to it or take it on as a challenge and funnel it into a more productive direction. Eustress is the process of doing just that. Pushing your stress into a direction that you can make that little imp your servant and tame it. Rumor is, meditation helps and so does merely spending a little bit of time with yourself.

Edited by Harshit Sarin.