We Shape Our Technology Or Our Technology Shapes Us

Our life has so many phases that we can't even imagine. For some it’s heaven and for some it’s hell. Some of us think life is unfair and some think everything in their life is fair. But if we really give it a thought then the answer would be it all depends on people’s perspective and their attitude towards life.

Like there are lots of people who are capable enough to support their life and seems to be happy but actually they are unhappy and there are also people, about whom we feel sad on why their life is so miserable, but they are the ones who are living each and every day of their life to the fullest and with the happiness of bonding among themselves.

In today’s world, we hardly see people bonding with each other even if they are living under one roof as we all are so busy connecting to the world outside, that it’s creating distance between friends and family and the one thing thats making such a drastic change in our everyday life activities is the advancement in TECHNOLOGY. These days technology is becoming such a necessity in our life that our everyday starts and ends using the gadget. It has become such a significant part of our life that we are not using technology anymore; instead we have started living technology.

It has influenced us so badly that we don’t even see a particular family having dinner together, chatting with each other or spending time with their dear ones. Even small children nowadays have gadgets in their hand. And it won’t surprise me if in few years technology will rule us as we are really getting into it and instead of improving our life, it’s becoming our life. This world of ours is becoming a place full of paralyzed people, people who are nothing without technology but guys have you ever thought that… we are not even using our capabilities to the fullest; as whatever we want to know is presented to us just in a click, everything these days is easily available to us.

That's why sometimes it makes me think...Is technology really good for us???? In a way every one of us would say YES as it makes our life easier and helps us to connect to the world but at the same time we all should realize that everything in this world has its own advantage and disadvantage. One wrong use of this so called modern thing can completely destroy us and this idea of mine scares me because we never know when something might take a wrong turn. We, at this point of time are not realizing that technology is definitely a useful servant but it’s also a dangerous master and that's why we need to understand that once technology rolls over us, we won’t anymore be part of a steamroller instead we will be part of the road.

That’s why we should start spending some time without our gadgets and start living our life as we cannot upload love, we cannot download time and we definitely cannot Google all our life’s answer.

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