The Cumbersome Slumber

January 23, 2017


She came to me, seductively teasing,

A promise on her lips,

Of a night full of pleasing.


I tossed and turned, spurning her advance,

Yet she crept right over,

Waiting patiently for her chance.


She coaxed me out to a meet with Morpheus,

The god of dreams; with a gentle touch,

And so began my lesson with Prometheus.



I sat beside him whilst he planned his escape,

After handing man Fire, he had Zeus to hate,

Alas I too witnessed, him meet his gruesome fate.


Then I was whisked off to a gory battle,

Waged on the bloody beaches of Troy,

Only to keep the gorgeous Helen from a Boy.


And so I went through all of Greek history,

Chapters of characters coming to life,

I finally had enough for my assignment file.



At last we part after that long and adventurous night,

As I shrug and wake to the morning bell,

Abuzz with ideas and new stories to tell.

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