Forbidden Love

​Mr. Ahluwalia looked down at his plate with disdain. When he ordered Chicken Kathi Rolls, the tiny monstrosity plated beautifully in front of him was not what he had expected.

The roll should have been named mini rolls since he was paying a bomb. Price and value seemed to have an indirect relationship these days. Maybe the chicken as well, ought to have been removed from the title. It seemed redundant. It was just a roti stuffed with exotic vegetables.

‘Chicken kathi rolls my jutti’, thought Mr. Ahluwalia.

‘Oh my god Deddy, your kathi rolls look sooo yum. I wish I could have them but you know na, I’m on a diet’, said Simran Ahluwalia, Deddy’s princess. She was quite a multitasker. She was typing at top speed on her latest iPhone while noisily crunching on her Caesar Salad.

The sight somehow resembled a tech savvy ostrich chewing cud.

Beside her, Ranjan Ahluwalia, galli-ka-hearthrob with his bulging biceps, had replaced his dumbbell with an empty plate.

Already frustrated, Mr. Ahluwalia said, ‘Ranjan puttar, eat, no muscle-shuscle right now.’

‘What are you teaching him Surendra ji? Look how nice and big his muscles are. Atleast he is conscious about his fitness. The only thing bulging in your body is your belly. You seem 8 months pregnant,’ jibed Mrs. Ahluwalia, while sipping her glass of hot water.

The kids chortled. That goes without saying.

It was the heart wrenching truth. The food lover Surendra Ahluwalia belonged to a dangerously health-conscious family. Simran was perpetually on a diet while Ranjan’s attendance at the gym was infinitely more than that at college. Mrs. Dimple Ahluwalia, well, she always carried a flask of green tea or hot water with herself. She only ate the hygienic and healthy ghar-ka-khana.

Among these fit people, Mr. Ahluwalia stood out with his slightly protruding belly. Otherwise, he himself was a fit person. Morning walks were a ritualistic practice he never abstained from.

However, his love for food was greater. But it was a secret love-a forbidden one. Only the morsels caressing his tongue were aware of it.

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