Be Your 5 Year Old Self

Do you remember when you were little and were completely oblivious of life's challenges? When you would sleep peacefully with your arms stretched wide out? When your hardest decision was choosing between an orange or a grape candy? When you didn't bother about what people thought of you and continued to do silly things that made your soul smile? Be that 5 year old self and embrace your inner lunatic.

Life is too short to worry about things that don't deserve one’s attention. That 5 year old baby had such a carefree attitude towards everything. Imagine if she had to see you now, what would happen? I really wonder what she has to say.

When people would throw baby you up into the air, you trusted that the person who threw you up, would catch you which is why you would laugh! Similarly, trust God when he puts obstacles in your path because he won't give you anything that you can't handle. He's right there, ready to catch you if you fall.

Recollect the stories narrated to you by your loved ones of initial stages of your infancy when you would first crawl, then walk and suddenly in no time start running. While running you would sometimes end up falling but the next moment you would be back up running again. Falling didn't ever deter you from running. So, even now when you experience ups and downs and highs and lows in life, don't let it stop you from achieving your goals and ambitions.

Do you recall how you would enjoy playing in muck, getting wet in the rain and how bubble baths would let out the light heartedness of your childhood? Small things would bring a smile to your face and messiness would bring you happiness. Today if we had to do any of the things mentioned above, we would think twice about our dress getting spoilt, about our hair getting dirty, about our phone getting wet! These materialistic things stop us from enjoying the small pleasures of life unlike our five year old self that lived the present moment, taking each day as it came without caring for the future.

The next time you stress about something, think of how those tiny hands and legs would react!

Don't take life seriously because what's meant to happen will anyway happen! Adopt an attitude of gratitude and focus on the multiple things you are blessed with.

Edited by - Diya Mathew