​Depression is often synonymous to feeling sad but as far as the facts state or those who have actually dealt with this illness know it is much more a just a melancholic feeling. Quite often people tend to say that they are depressed just because something did not go according to how it was planned or how they expected it to be. Hence the use of ‘I am depressed’ comes in. However, for someone who actually has dealt with this, know that depression supersedes, mercilessly, the feelings of uneasiness that comes from something going wrong.

According to the scientific definition, depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity or apathy that can affect a person's thoughts, behaviour, feelings and the sense of well-being. People with a depressed mood can feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable, angry, ashamed, or restless. All said and done, in a layman’s terms depression is a chemical imbalance causing mood swings, anxiety, detachment and other such related symptoms.

This chemical imbalance affects a human being to a great extent that, the person feels hollow, they lose meaning of what once meant the world to them. In fact, they lose the meaning of what life is, as a whole. Nothing makes them happy, no matter how hard they try. This hollow feeling is so prevalent that the victim goes sleepless for nights with nightmares catching their sight and haunting them with the past particularly of incidents which lead to this illness; becomes a routine - a norm. Days are spent figuring out what is going wrong and nights are slept through hunger and thirst none of which the body wants to now take in. All that comes out, are tears; all the salt slowly dripping off the body. Most of these people cannot even express themselves or what they are going through because of the norms in the society that have compelled them to force silence upon their suffering. Depression is far from just a feeling, it is far from just sadness, it is an illness just like any other illness in the world, but we, human beings have made mental illness such a taboo hat the victimised cannot even voice their struggle.

Depression could arise due to many factors about which one does not have any initial knowledge or it can also be triggered due to memory or occurrence of the event again. Love, as we know that everyone wants on the inside but deny the same, when spoken of - is one of the main causes for a person suffering from depression. Depression usually victimises those people who did not receive the sufficient care and love from the parents or guardian, when they were much younger. These people tend to find the care and love from external factors and when the experience is different from the expectation, it leads to the chemical imbalance. This also concludes that one way to cure depression is by giving love, support and care to the person who is depressed and to teach them the art of loving themselves.

Depression is an illness like many other illnesses and hence it needs to be voiced, recognised and treated. It needs more love, care, affection and encouragement than any chemical drug to fix the imbalance. It needs the society to be more open minded, to help people deal with it and at the same time, not feel alienated just because of their suffering. So the next time that your day does not end up as well as expected, think a 100 times before saying ‘I am depressed because my day didn’t go well’ because someone out there is battling this illness which might just be a feeling of temporary sadness for you. Depression is not temporary, it stays and it stays for long and it stays until the willingness to come over it does not come from the inside. It is a battle that none is prepared for but one has to fight and overcome to step back into the biggest irony that is life.

Edited by - Diya Mathew