Murphy’s Law

Anything that can go wrong, must go wrong. My retort, well does it have to? Even if it does, could it be avoided? Even if it could be avoided, are we correct to pass the blame to make ourselves feel better?

Al Capone, criminal mastermind and a thriver of the prohibition era, when caught, claimed he was rendering a service to society. He was upset that he got no appreciation for it. Shawshank - did you do it? Nope. Lawyer fucked me. An instinct crawling towards our primals is shifting the blame. It is very easy to evade by pointing fingers or writing off the loss to something else’s credit. It is very easy to find something that makes sense and make it the reason for the same.

I believe comfort zones have a lot to do with it. I see the comfort in knowing that if something could go wrong, it shall. Nothing we do controls it. It has a different appeal to it. Has a charm more alluring than Emma Watson. However, the question stands on whether this comfort is one that could compromise our ability to take the precautions that we should. Whether we protect the things we want to and leave zero margin for error. Absolutely zit. Nada. Nil.

I call it cowardice. Stand up for screw ups. It is fine for things to go wrong, it is not so much so to not equally pride by them. It is the failures and not just the successes that make up to who we are. Not Murphy’s.

Edited By - Diya Mathew