Are You Your Worst Enemy?

Are your own worst enemy?

Beauty doesn't last forever but a beautiful personality does. The world is filled with different kind of personalities. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people from across the globe. Some are fundamentally different, some fake, some annoying, some trustworthy, some are here just for the fun of it. But the kind of personality which always astounds me are the nice ones, the one who are probably too innocent for this cold world. The ones whose biggest dilemmas include not knowing how to act in situations, not knowing how to deal with people and their crookedness, in short not knowing how to face the world and its shortcomings. Further retrospection on the matter, made me question a few things. Are circumstances really in their hands? Do they really want to be hurt? Do they really want to be felt unworthy?

No, it’s not in their hand. Neither do they want to get hurt nor feel unworthy. The reason for such dip in emotion is, probably, they get

attached too quick and tend to put the other person before them. Unfortunately, these selfless people are the ones who are made the butt of all jokes, not because of their own shortcoming but because they still, even then, put the other person’s feelings before theirs. An old friend of mine, would have been the living proof the situation I am trying to elaborate. She was too good for the world, she was docile with a golden heart. Her friendship with someone was quickly followed by the over-the-top attachment to the person, irrespective of whether the feeling was mutual or not. Even pulling their leg was blasphemy for her. The reason being, she believes there is a lurking truth with every ‘just kidding’.

And logic forces me to agree with her. There is a faint shade of truth behind every joke. Some truth has inspired the forthcoming of the joke.

The Truth of the statement doesn’t help me change her. It is unfortunate, she is far from the realisation that this cold, cold world, doesn’t think like her. The reality is my friend and people like her, need to change, they need to let go off people, they need to learn when to turn away from people, because in this world of deceit, she would be alone with a golden heart like hers. Everybody deserves to be felt important and be given the true value of their worth, but not at the cost of their hurt emotions. I really want to put it out for her that she needs to stand up for herself before she expects anyone else to do that for her and it is of utmost importance that she breaks the walls she has built for herself. If she doesn’t break through the walls she has built for herself, she is being her own enemy, and slowly killing herself passively.

The day she realises we are the captain of our ships and the master of our fate, she will be truly set free. All we need to do is, get out of our own way and embrace ourselves to be our own best friend.

Edited by - Diya Mathew

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