The Beauty of America

United States of America, the name, is more of an emotion than a destination. The mention of New York (The Big Apple) means “Time New Square”, “Statue of Liberty”, “5th Avenue” and of course “World Trade Centre” - coming at you like speeding darts.

But what about the heart of New York?

Central Park is the most astounding place I have seen. Right in the heart of the city, in the middle of all that chaos, there is peace in abundance, the serenity envelopes you like it has been waiting all along to show you its magic. Sitting on the bench, I weaved in and out of many lives. I felt the overwhelming feeling of being in love watching that couple under the tree, I felt carefree all over again, seeing the children playing around, reminding me of my childhood. I was swayed by the enchantment of literature looking at the old gentleman buried in his book. I was moving with each stroke the charming lady made with her brush as she captured the alluring landscape on her canvas. This is the most tailored detox a person needs after a long day at work. It is very unlikely a person won’t find their muse in this 11km park. Your favourite drink in your hand would be a cherry on the top.

Heading North-East, United States treasures the best element of nature, sharing it with Canada, The Niagara Falls.

The Niagara Falls is an arresting sight. My brain took a while to digest what my eyes were witnessing, meanwhile my ears enjoyed the rhythm of the water falling. The rainbow bridge connecting the United States and Canada had so much mist around it, it looked like the mist was holding the bridge through. Standing on the boat and capturing in photographs, nature celebrating herself was the highlight of the day.

Those three hours were the most satisfying three hours I’ve had in a long time. This majestic fall has been a witness to so many wonderful stories. I made a story right there, in my head. I imagined a boy proposing marriage to his girl, on the boat, right in between the United States and Canada. The Niagara Falls is the perfect embodiment of the relation the two powerful countries share.

That day is clearly etched in my memory. Even a glimpse of The Niagara Falls makes all the travelling worth it.

I think I would leave it to the pictures to express the rest.

Moving towards the West Coast, specifically Northern California, is San Francisco, one of the most attractive cities known for its iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the Alcatraz prison surrounded by the Pacific ocean, the wind blowing across the city is very refreshing!

My favourite? You ask?

I really wouldn’t mind sitting there for hours together, I believe it is that perfect and deserving escape, the one we all desperately need!

I imagine myself asking my special girl out on the Twin Peaks, come dusk and the beauty of the place multiplies, I don’t see how a girl can say no there. Do remember the name, its Twin Peaks.

Moving further west, I meet Los Angeles, the name means “Land of Angels” and it truly is, the wind is what the Angels have to say, and their song is clear and loud at my favourite place!

The tourist attraction here are the popular theme parks. Yes, you guessed it right, Universal Studios and Disneyland.

And my place, Santa Monica Beach <3

The vibrancy of Santa Monica gets you grooving.

The pier is brilliantly composed with almost everything you would need to spend an entire day at the beach. A ferris wheel and a dedicated wharf for sailormen included! The sand is as pure as the souls of the angels, you find your reflection in the water and the shore is where the angels sing!

Alas! The Land of Angels!

Flying north, this place is a dream for many and an experience that grips others, for a lifetime. Yes, you guessed it right again, Las Vegas it is! This place has a beauty of its own kind, where else will you find snow capped mountains on one side and on the other a complete desert?

For most, Las vegas is all about MGM grand, Bellagio, Luxor and Caesar’s, but there is this beautiful side of Vegas which stretches over 500 miles and that is none other than the Grand Canyon. Every particle of the sand dunes holds a chapter of history. The sight of the Colorado River flowing through is nothing short of spectacular.

Coming towards our last stop, this place has and always will be close to my heart because of the memories that I shared with my relatives - it is San Diego. It is not about the place, rather, it is about the people that makes this place unique. Life has its own pace here and coming down to my favourite spot.

The calmness about this place is what makes it so remarkable! One might just fall short of words to explain the sight and that’s when I believe my photography skills would allow me explain better ;)

This just happens to be the start to a wonderful sight. Nature is so beautifully in sync with each of her elements. It’s therapeutic to watch the trees sway playfully with the wind. The palm trees blessing the lovers and their vivid emotions, and welcoming them with open arms like it wants to be a part of their rhythm.

Further down the park, I stood in awe of the unimaginable sight - seals and coves!

You must be thinking what’s so unique about it? Well, from here (the picture below) it’s justified for you to say that. As I inched closer to capture the perfect shot, dodging the hard-hitting waves, I found myself in crystal clear water. Chaste water below me, water crashing on the cove beside me, seals resting on diamond white sand in front of me and free doves exploring the sky above me.

This is that one picture that no one can take away from me, it is a sight which will never find a justified expression in words. It was the perfect cocktail of all elements nature had to offer.

This is not just an image, it is the hymn of nature. The way these elements are interacting with each other, tells us how beautiful the world is. If only we start discovering nature rather than new nuclear weapons, if only we start investing time in nature rather than arms and ammunitions, if only we start spending time with nature rather than wasting time on Netflix, if only.

The world in itself is a beautiful place, it is time we realise that and start enjoying these marvels that nature has gifted us.

I would love to conclude with a beautiful sunset!

Shot on - Samsung S6 edge plus

Shot by - Rehan Hirani

Edited by - Diya Mathew

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