Boy and The Magic Portals

There was once a kid, let’s call him Boy. His favourite way to spend his day was to watch T.V.. Lo and behold! He did that very well.

He could watch T.V. for hours and hours without showing the slightest hint of disinterest. That is because he wanted to make movies, and his obsession could be quenched only in this manner. He considered the T.V. to be a magical portal to a wonderful world - a world that showed the mundane things and the mundane lives of people in a romantic way, and he loved that.

He would sit on his couch, with his planner in hand. The planner was made painstakingly, with his favourite shows and movies scrawled, with their respective timings, along with intimate details that he noticed while watching them. His parents and brother would come and sit with him for a while and leave after an hour or two, not able to immerse themselves into the magical portal as religiously as he could. When they would sit down, he would glance at them momentarily, taking in the blaring light falling on their faces, making them look ghostly and more imaginary than real. That put him more into awe.

One day, an extremely strange thing happened; he ran out of things to watch. He had watched and rewatched everything so many times, that he had nothing else left to do. This feeling of not knowing what to do made him feel uncomfortable and worthless, a feeling he had never experienced before. He had always felt worthy because of his beloved T.V..

Fidgeting sulkily, he accidentally opened his curtains a bit, showing just a sliver. A ray of sunlight barged its way through the gap, determined to sneak into Boy’s otherwise dark room. Intrigued by this ubiquitous phenomena which somehow had gone unnoticed by him before, he slid open the curtains. The sunlight blasted into the room, making him cringe and shield his eyes.

Once his iris had adjusted, he looked out of the glass window, wondering why he had never done so before. The world outside was still, the trees standing straight and stationary, with their branches spread upwards, as if a man busy in his prayer, asking the Heavens for blessings. The bushes and shrubberies were sparsely dense in some areas, little tufts growing carelessly and spilling over everywhere, unable to contain their excitement. Apart from the occasional flapping of the birds, it was serenely wild. This was very unlike the hullabaloo of the T.V.. However, this peace was nice. His eyes felt refreshed, the kind of feeling one gets after an undisturbed sleep, the kind of sleep where you wake up puzzled, forgotten for a while that you existed.

Boy just stared out of the window for hours and hours, not getting tired, looking into the small intricacies of the sceneries trapped into the window frame. The window was like a magic portal to the real world, a world that showed the real lives of people the way it was, yet it did not seem mundane at all.

While Boy was immersed in the portal, his brother came and sat beside him. Boy glanced at him momentarily, and saw how the sunlight was falling on him, making him look even more real than he was. That put him more into awe.

Determined, he took out his video camera and trudged outside. He figured that if he wanted to reach the imaginary magic portal, he would first have to venture out into the real magic portal.

Edited By - Diya Mathew