A bit of you for a bit of me?

Depression and anxiety are not as simple as "talk it out to someone" or "introduce your friends to your problems". It is beyond that, and definitely more complex than that.

Mental illnesses of that sort, are nothing less than black holes that suck the life out of the ones going through it and the ones being there for them. The moment, words like "mental illness" are uttered, people are taken aback. Psychological diseases are more common than what meets the eye, and more real the statistics show - for several cases go unaccounted because of the stigma attached to mental illnesses.

When a person is depressed or feels anxious, it either makes them extremely dependent on another individual/object/substance, or it just pushes them away from normality only to resort to isolation. And that kind of isolation is scary.

It is all consuming.

It is dark.

It is destructive.

Helping someone to get past their fights, requires effort. Effort that is priceless. Effort that is selfless. Effort that is unconditional. Effort that counts for nothing less than a life. The time, energy and money you spend in making someone feel ‘normal’ again, you will never be able to explain that, and definitely not to someone who hasn’t seen the darker side - either as a victim or as the helper.

We lead busy lives with hectic schedules and round the clock commitments trying to ace the rat race. Everyone has different priorities, and that’s okay. Money motivates some; while some are motivated by the thought of bringing about a change.

Here's a message to both kinds of people: the cost of a life and the change that could be brought about by you, are both indispensable. You may have varying priorities but try altering them with the ones who need your time. Buy them meaningful presents. Do whatever it takes to fill that void, that dark incomprehensible void.

And before anything, STOP judging people for what they are or for what they do or for what solaces them. If it's any sort of substance, talk to a professional before forcing them off of them. Have lengthy conversations with them. Get to know what their problem is. There are quite a few ways of dealing with such irregular occurrences. But solutions EXIST, and they aren’t hard to find, if you care enough.


Edited by - Diya Mathew