Tepid Afternoon, The Sound of Feet.

April 25, 2017

The slight sunrays fought to reach first the glinting marble, ​​

Struggling to illuminate Souls bound in pleasures carnal

While long, ancient-carved pillars stood like Sentinels

The whorehouse was thought safe, with a raid highly improbable.


The men who chose to frequent the establishment

Were politicians, lawyers; men of consequence,

The ladies that were employed there, however

Were poor, a measly pay their only tether.



One day something unexpected took place,

Amongst the professionals, the youngests disgrace.

She had let her guard slip only to find that she was expecting,

Not one but twins, the doctors were detecting.


What had earlier been a group of uncaring companions,

Now grew close and protective; a family of sirens.

Old, wise and strong; the elders protected the girl from wrong.

Alas, the twins were born mewling into the edge of dawn.


16 years hence, the two boys are growing into sprightly teens,

While they do get schooled by the dean,

Their real education comes from their mothers who’ve seen

The up and downs and hope to make them humans, clean.

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