I’m a fiery inferno, whose waves lick and engulf the doors and walls of a house and he’s waves of the ocean, cool and calming, sweeping through the corridors and wiping out the anger with which the house was burning down.

Stick your head up the sunroof of your car. That deafening roar of the wind—that’s me, loud and unrelenting in your ear. Now roll up your windows and shut out the noise of the wind and the world outside. That silence, that relief—that’s him.

I’m the pounding of the bass, the thumping of hearts to the beat of the music as you collide with sweaty, unknown bodies. He’s soothing, tinkling music that plays at home as you rest your head on the heart of your lover and sway gently from side to side.

I’m the heated road that burns your feet as you walk in the sun and he’s the cool marble that soothes the ache. I’m recklessness and he’s all the precision in the world. I’m the feeling of being left behind and he’s the joy of the one you love running back to you. I’m unfamiliarity and the feeling of being lost. He’s warmth, he’s the feeling of coming home.

That’s us, me and him. Poles apart and constantly at war to see if his calm can soothe my fire. On some days my fire almost wipes out his tranquility. On some, the whisper of his words in my ear subdue the blaze.

But somehow we fit, like two perfect puzzle pieces, the yin and the yang and all the cheesy bullshit in this world. We’re so imperfect together, that it’s the most perfect thing in the world. Every day with him is a day I learn something new, every day is a thrill.

I think we stood at two ends of the road and then ran—towards each other—with such force that when we collided, we became one somehow. As if a part of him lies in me now, and a part of me in him.

Edited By - Diya Mathew