One day,

This heart that beats did beat uncertain, And for a moment untold did beat for another, It was when her eyes fell to mine, In a gaze so sweet and nectarine It was but fleeting seconds passing, That called upon this moment without anyone's asking, A portrait painted in the colours of youthful spring, Whose fiery passions do in the pages of my memory sing It was not that the eye never saw that beauty, The halo of a full moon with mascara of a shade sooty, The sway of her hips that rocked many a dreams, That set the pace of all good sleep She was born out of a silver chalice, Her being written so pure in sacred verses, it holds no malice She sweetens the earth in her flowery voice, That gifts blissful silence to daily toil's everyday noise Her hair is the ebony of a quiet midnight, Her smile the gentle of a blue morning that is to grow bright She is the wind that cools the earth on a summer day, She is the good that never passes with the passing of time but stays She is the infinite beauty that great works chart, the coast where the dawn of inspiration meets the dusk of art, She is the harvest that gives meaning to the earth barren and plain, Eternal in the black of my iris, the negative of her face remains What made her look in this direction, I could never know, But when she did, a sight of no compare she did bestow, When her eyes fell to mine, In a gaze so sweet and nectarine

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