Leadership - a catchy word, perhaps! A word that changed the world, did the impossible, brought revolutions and what not! But what we depict from the condition we see in India is that there is a shortage, a shortage of leadership. There is a shortage of leadership in the industry, law and order, in schools and colleges where the nexgen is groomed. Psychologists like Sir Thomas Carlyle believed that “leaders are born, not made” but had that been the case, in India, we would be having leaders in each and every street, considering our reproduction rate! One of the major attributes of a leader is knowledge about his subject. You’ve got to study hard and know your area well, then only will professional competence follow, both professional competence and knowledge come hand in hand and are the foundation of leadership, be it in any field.

Decision making, another important aspect which many people lack, be it any life changing decision or any small decision as to ordering food in a restaurant, people are confused and afraid as to what will happen if their decision turns out to be wrong! A man lacks self confidence if he can’t take a decision, then accept full responsibility for it. Bad decision making results in failure of the corporates, the government, industries and agriculture; a lot of money and time is wasted. Adolf Hitler said “Whenever you make a decision make one wisely and even if it turns out to be wrong later, never look back”.

What most of the leaders forget is that no one likes being superseded, except if they like the leader. One needs to have the courage to stand up against what is wrong. A good leader never shows fear to the people working under him, you need to portray yourself as good and powerful in front of your men, you have to be loyal towards them and have the human touch along with a bit of humor so that learn to understand your men, have in-depth knowledge about whatever that is going wrong not just give orders to correct it.

Punctuality, discipline and character of a person also play a major role. You need to set yourself as a good example in front of your fellow juniors. For example: if you aren’t punctual enough to turn up to office on time and have a very bad character, don’t be surprised if your subordinates turn up late and are unapologetic about it.

Edited By - Diya Mathew