We, The Millennials

The millennials also known as the generation Y, according to the Economist are the brainiest, best-educated generation ever. We have grown up in the age of smartphones and in the shadow of a global financial disaster.

We, as millennials are often scared of responsibility, responsibility of a relationship, of a job, of a friendship or anything that requires effort, hard work, time and patience. There is only a tiny subset of the young population who would want to carry this “burden” of responsibility, the “burden” of investing time, patience and energy into something that has a long term return. We, the millennials, as smart, sharp and purpose driven, we do not want to invest time in understanding ourselves, our purpose - because that requires a lot of time and patience which one in today’s world falls short of, we are all interested in the short term benefits of everything, what one may call as temporary happiness. It becomes as easy as saying “I want to bring some distance between us because I don’t get to learn anything from you” or “I don’t want this relationship because I am not up for taking responsibilities or keep something that I am not sure of”. Temporary excuses with hidden purpose leading to temporary happiness.

It has become very easy to satisfy our self- esteem or generate those two seconds of dopamine by having the perfect timeline on Facebook, the instafeed being “on point” and having Snapchat stories with friends that might bail out on us the second they find someone better. Even though on the inside our self-esteem is on an all-time low or rather as we say it we feel like a piece of shit, the world of social media is enough to take away that feeling along with the most important, the validation of our peers who might be as inexperienced or as confused as we may be. We need to realise that true validation of oneself comes from self-development, the ability to feel happy without validation from social media or peers.

Our generation has millennials who with practice and determination can be leaders that can change the world with their thoughts and words but if you can’t be the one creating an impact for yourself, how are you making use of being a “millennial”? We have the information about the smallest of things at the end of our sleeves with click of a button but unfortunately most of us limit it to being a game of follow-unfollow, being meme lords and always having the pressure of taking stands with half or no knowledge. All said and done we are a generation that’s well informed, having our freedom of choice but are losing out on the basic core values of respect, loyalty, truthfulness and forming bonds or relationship that last long. We are technology done right but values done wrong.

Edited By - Diya Mathew

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