The Supermarket

Amidst all chaos and noise, a little child in the supermarket cries

Searching frantically from left to right, looking for his mother with all his might.

Diving through the huge racks & shelves, he searches every bend

Little does he know, that mommy is not even close to this end.

On the other hand, mommy’s heart is racing, panic-stricken she is almost wailing

I hope it’s not a new mischief with her: she thinks; he is playing.

How could she lose him? How could she let him go?

Dear mommy’s heart can’t take this no more.

Two people, the mother and child, stand still and try to think straight

Engrossed in figuring their favourite spot in the market, where one of them would set the bait

And at once they rush to reach the same place,

For nothing, but the Cadbury shelf, they had forgotten, was their base.