Drunk Man Musing

It could be me with now you,

And then us, just remove,

All the tensions that we love,

And we let the loving be the fuse,

To combust all that confused,

Emotional refuse,

Maybe get rational,

Passionate and actually,

Place all our faith,

In the facts of the case,

Which unpacks like a race,

Of race cars moving at a phenomenal pace,

Zooming about, free wheels trapped in a maze,

Laced by illusions, yet we could be unfazed,

Erase all the road blocks,

Zebra crossings don't need to mean a thing,

Colour is an expression,

Like when the plucking of the electric guitar,

Unleashes a spark,

Our eyes met from a distance,

I should have walked away but I lack wisdom,

When I get hormonal and find perfect harmony,

Four hours after clubbing, searching for an after pill at the pharmacy,

Finally in what would culminate to four years invested,

In untested water, caught you loitering from where we nested,

You said it was the pests and I trusted you then,

As I still trust you now but lost faith in the trusting,

And often we cough it through, other times arguments ensue,

You threaten me even as you are lying and we would violently abuse,

Boundaries that scurry far, who knew what was enough,

When we barely spoke a decent thing to each other after breaking up,

And mending fences baby love is as confused as us both,

After fighting write a letter hoping things get better,

Send her two boxes of chocolates which arrive an hour later,

However feels like forever, and when it reaches the post code

You compute through the roast, we diffuse through our jokes,

And resume with our posts, rowing two ends of this boat,

I gloat about us sticking together but we both know,

Perfection is objection to a wild fire burning,

I'm stirring this pot, you are banging this plate,

Wait, you play it again cause this is the noise that I hate,

Brandish your plaits, a witty reply knotted quite perfect,

The closest to tribute for a man not working,

Hurting of course I curse,

Lurching your comment births,

Just as I lose my lid, you slide into silence,

The curse of a Scorpio working it out with a Pisces,

You love someone so harshly it start feeling like ISIS,

A romance which is crisis, great for a title

I know you think that I'm drunken on the wonder of the Tele toons,

Shuffle through me telling you sweet sweet things pause,

Play it through the teasing, easing

Into your arm rest leading meeting,

Lips and tip is tinged with the chaos,

Wonder who said love is perfect? It works in phases, sometimes worsens,

In person hurting for the heart and still urges,

Purges like remissions from curses,

My flipping the bird when,

I slip into your purse,

And trip some zeroes at the end of your bank account,

You're loud so the neighbours know the object of conflict,

No contest when you throw things at me and on top of it,

Call the cops on speed dial, behind steel bars again,

She comes back to her senses and cries till day,

Breaks and legalities are dealt with, when once pelted,

Hand in hand back home where our nest is,

We are tested often with the problems that we produce, later forgotten,

In an us which does not rust despite all the covfefe

Dealing through our problems without resolving them,

Solving instead petty disputes inconsequential to the overall,

Manner in which we approach this thing,

Two rings missing cause we knew,

If we flew too close to the sun, it would consume,

All that we think is cool, term thrown into the mix,

Feelings so complex this ambiguity is the best at describing it,

We been prescribed couple therapy,

Terribly late,

If we needed professional help, we would be over with this,

Mess it is hot and it has brought us to our knees,


Christ I could swear I have seen,

Better days with different women,

But never left them feeling like I was missing something,

Maybe I'm missing the past while holding a candle,

Hoping to collect the left overs and go back to the original channel,

Maybe that it long gone or just too far to reach,

Seek not the past but the promise of the future so baby please,

Let us think back to the first beat in the club where we met,

Sink the feeling of the first and juxtapose it in the current circumstances,

Maybe chaos is not a bad thing, I think I seen worse,

When two people stagnate without chaotic outbursts,


It could be me with now you,

And then us, just remove,

All the tensions that we love,

And we let the loving be the fuse,

To combust all that confusion

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