She Is

She is not the vodka shot you want to have at 10:00 p.m. when you’re sad at the bar

She is the tea you want to sip every evening

She is not the city that is constructed out of cement and bricks

She is the town that’s hidden behind the big walls and buildings that the wanderlust would visit to feel the vulnerability of the virgin

That’s touched but still pure

She is not just the veins and the blood

She is as complex as the atom

Giving energy, sometimes too strong to kill you and sometimes to less to heal you

Made up of molecules only she can fathom

She is not the book you read in one night

She is the Bible that needs your patience and time

She is not the one to belong to all and everyone

She is like the blood, never leaving the veins

Only bleeding when the veins are cut

She is not the cigarette you puff in minutes

She is the fire in the attic that burns all night to keep you warm

She is not the bare essentials

She is the one covered in layers, only a few can unfold

She is not the one to belong to a lot of men

She is the one to belong a lot to one man

She is not the 2:00 p.m. stress of life but the 5:00 a.m. peace to the one watching her dazed in her dreams

She is not the puddle of mud that’s shallow

She is the quicksand consuming herself in her own thoughts of the world’s hollow

She is not the lipstick that doesn’t stay

She is the kohl that is left for days under the eyes till it’s wiped off

She is not the one night stand

She is the blanket you need every night that makes you feel safe and protected

She is not the scarce

She is the abundance, sometimes too much

But that’s what she is

And she is what she does

She is all in for anything that gives her the rush

She is like a scar that’s permanent and deep

And they say scars are beautiful

They make a human, a being

And she is that permanent deep rooting scar

And she is grey and white on some days

A rainbow on the others

And she is me.