Put A Full Stop To Negative Thoughts

Hello mind! Remember what Mr. Mean did on 5th January 2009 at 9:23 pm? Think, think, think. Think deeper! Let's overanalyze and create non existent problems by digging up the past.

We do that all the time, and the sad part is, we don't even pay heed to where our mind wanders. We keep replaying negative thoughts, giving it as much importance as our favourite song! We fail to realise that some people are not even worthy of the thoughts that go on in our mind.

By now, you must have got a fair idea on how thoughts can kill you faster than cancer. But, the truth is you get to decide whether you want to be killed or be the smart one, and dominate your thoughts instead.

We've all heard about "mind over matter" This basically emphasises on the fact that lives can be changed by simply changing our thoughts! If we can drop the thought we can solve the problem!

How simple is that?

We need to understand that each thought we think is creating our future! Would you then like to make your future miserable for the past that is dead and gone? If not, then we need to change our thought process! It indeed will yield fruitful results that will leave you astounded if you simply distract and shift the focus from others to yourself! Basically, be the main character in your own book!

How do you feel breathing the air that is filled with anger and resentment? Do you deserve this? If the answer is no, then why let disturbing thoughts dwell in your mind? Why think of negative things when it consumes so much of your energy? And makes you feel so irritated and annoyed? We go on and on, thinking and overthinking and exaggerating the whole situation in our head . If only we released control and had faith, leaving our fate in god's hands, we would be in such a happy space.

We need to understand that our thoughts are like a plant. If you grow happiness, water it with positivity and bless it with sunshine and good thoughts, then miracles start to happen without expecting them to happen, but if you always think about negative things you attract negative energy, how can you then expect the plant to blossom?

See the difference between a child who is brought up in a house where love and care is freely given and everything is considered a blessing versus the child who has always seen his/her parents fighting and seen the family abusing - that child thinks very differently. His mind is trained to think in that direction. His thoughts get the better of him! When you know good thoughts create positive vibes, how silly it is to still not follow that and be blinded?

When you are unable to let go of a negative thought, ask yourself - in 10 years will it matter? If it won't, then why worry? Why walk on the lane of negativity and overlook the millions of things that are going right for us? Can we pause for a minute and think instead on how different our life would be if we let go of all the thoughts about people who have already let go of us? Now that's something we might want to think deeply!

If a man is aware that he will die if he crosses the road without looking left or right, he won't cross the road. Similarly, if we know every thought we think shapes our life, we wouldn't think of insignificant things and instead focus on making our life worth living by understanding that some of best moments of our lives are yet to come!

Edited by Diya Mathew