Them Titles

"He's MY bestie"

"She's my best friend, stay away from her"

"Don't even think of hitting on him, he's my boyfriend, geddit?"


How often does this happen in your life? How frequently do you see this happening? How important are these mere titles of best friend and boyfriend/girlfriend and fav boy/girl? Anything more than just conveying that two individuals are great friends or that they help each other in sorting their issues out; and most of the times hyping their bond just to showcase to the world that yes, even I have somebody whom I talk to for most the time, he's the best person I've come across?


Don't you think, in the process of living up to the standards of the people around you, you just hollow your friendship and give it a superficial edge? What is ironic is that people these days assign such valuable statuses to people whom you have known only for a short span of time. One month of knowing each other and that person becomes the best person alive. We ludicrously make it work this way. Apart from this, the underlying truth in most of these friendships is what provokes me to script this. The apparent 'best friends' loathe,despise and envy each other. Those are the same people who are trying to bring down their superficial dear ones. They back stab each other. They vie against each other for attention on social networking sites. Makes me laugh, this. I see how most of our Facebook and Instagram feeds are replete with captions for photos like 'Best friend', 'Fav', 'Favboy/ Favgirl', 'Can't do without him/ her', etc. Oh, and let's not forget the hashtagged ones such as '#bestie' '#mygirl’ ‘#myboy' and several such hashtags. It pleases me to read that my friends and acquaintances, are happily living their life. Cheers to that.

But how truthful are those captions tho? No, really. Do you think what is posted on in the virtual is completely truthful and depicts the true status of what is going on between two (or more) individuals? Think about it. In an attempt to living up to people's expectations, all of us are losing ground in our comrade's eyes. As easy as it can get, isn't it? Instead of laying stress on building healthier relations, we run after giving it a societal exposure. And sometimes when many people are made aware about an existing bond on their contact list, the relation is almost over and over. We all need to grow up, re-think about what is more important- a real bond or one which could break as easily as glass, courtesy the society?

“Take someone who doesn't keep score, who's not looking to be richer, or afraid of losing, who has not the slightest interest even in his own personality: he's free.” ― Rumi

Edited by Saakshi Sharma and Diya Mathew