Ode to a Flying Carpet

O beloved flying carpet! Wherefore hast thou flown off to? Thy embrace was as smooth as silk And thy strands custom made for my comfort. My beloved flying carpet, Will you not come home soon?

Remember the day when we first met? Thou had me at thy first squeaky hello. With a wave of thy tassels And a flourish of thy exquisite embroidery, You swept me off my feet To lands unseen and skies galore. They call thee now a thing of the past, These men that screech of stuff like "safety" But I ask them all, and hearken now, What is life but the pursuit of badassery? There are those of us, however, Who do not want to be dismembered, And assembled again someplace else, All in the name of Teleport. Breaking and vanishing, and reforming again, Each time becoming less than what we were before. So, from us, my dear flying carpet, In thine honor, I fain would spin an ode, To thy reckless abandonment, and magic of flying While leaving the nitty-gritties of quantum mechanics alone. My beloved flying carpet, Do not be disheartened, I shall be waiting for thee at port!