In this world, each second, a person is dreaming about something or making a wish but is everyone able to fulfil their dream? NO. We all dream when we are a child we dream that we do this when we grow up and then once we grow up we build a second dream. It astonishes me that in this world when everyone dreams why are people not achieving their dreams? Is it because of a signal error between the universe and us or, is it because we have a blurred image of our dream?

The main reason we do not achieve our dream is because we do not attract it. The Law of Attraction plays a very important role in life for achieving what you want. When we dream or desire something, we are telling the universe that look this is what I want in my life. We need to desire for that thing from our heart and believe that we have already received it. Once the universe sees that your desire level is 100% the universe is bound to give you what you want.

There was a friend of mine named John who was good at studies and use to play cricket the entire day and a second friend of mine named Sam who use to study the entire day. Both of them dreamt of getting 90% in boards but only John was able to do so. They both dreamt why did one succeed and the other fails. John studied less number of hours than Sam but whenever John studied his focus was clear and he believed that he got 90% and he wants to improve his grades and had no other thoughts disturbing him whereas when Sam studied he always thought that will he be able to get it or no. Thus when we bring this second thought in our mind the Law of attraction stops working and we get lost.

To conclude, dream every day because dreams are dreamt to turn them into reality. Just remember when you dream/desire for something let the universe know about it so that it can lead you to your destination and all your desires should be backed by faith in it. It is said that ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream’ and “Dreams don’t work unless you do”. The above statements are true because had Ratan Tata not believed in his dream he would not have established Tata Group, had not Mahendra Singh Dhoni worked hard he would not be the Indian Team Captain. Most people have failed because they were not able to believe unconditionally in their dreams..

So it’s not just important to dream but to believe and work on them is far more important.