Beyond Our Control

All of us have enjoyed our long ecstatic time in our mother’s womb for 9 months. All of us. Nobody was born in any special way by appearing out of their mother’s ear or nose. No discrimination whatsoever. The ‘womb’ it was for everyone. But before we entered this place, do any of us remember being asked, “Dear baby-to-be, which womb would you like to enter? Which family would you like to be a part of? Which country do you want to be born in? Which religion or community would you like to choose? How do you want to look when you grow up? Which house do you want to live in? Whether you want to be born as a star-kid or as an underprivileged kid? Would you like to fail often or be successful? Choose the strengths and weaknesses you’d like to have.

Hell no! I don’t. In fact, I don’t even remember when I started figuring life out?! During that time, memory only tried registering important issues like how to fake cry for more love and attention and, well, where to poop!

There are so many such questions that come to my mind when I look at the way people in this world discriminate each human being.

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Of what my eyes have seen, this uniquely designed planet has human beings in assorted stunning shades of skin and varied pretty sizes and shapes. All human beings - from young to old, tall to short and underweight to overweight look beautiful in their own way. We are all blessed with beautiful features and yet, majority of us fail to acknowledge them. Some of us want to look differently from what we were naturally born as, while some of us positively accept how we look. Some are highly self-critical whereas some don’t ever want to get off their high horse.

So, who decided what the criteria of being beautiful are? Is it in our control? Did any media ever publish ‘The Naturally Found Criteria of Socially Acceptable and Appreciated Looks’?

We are all different and we don’t quite get a lot of choices before starting our journey here. It’s just how this planet is designed.

Perhaps not surprisingly, majority of us don’t tend to accept and understand people in our surrounding and well, some don’t want to! Human beings are socially discriminated based on silly and unnecessary reasons which have successfully decreased benevolence and humanity in people. Some of us are deeply in a habit of being censorious and judgmental while some tend to launch scathing attacks on people based on things that are majorly beyond one’s control.

I have seen that what one is, is a representation in abundance of how one’s childhood has been. We start our journeys of figuring life out in difference places, around different people and in different situations. So consequently, nobody’s childhood has ever been in control of them. Now what’s the point of wasting our valuable time commenting negatively on anybody here?

The knowledge of how everyone functions, majorly helps in accepting them but for the amount of research and study needed to figure how every natural being works, it would take us a great deal of time because the research would not just be limited to geology or philosophical anthropology; it involves starting your study in areas of psychophysiology, biochemistry and psychology too. And it is practically impossible to expect everyone to be interested in living as a being who wants to understand the other or study these intensely vast subjects!

As a highlight of my experience, I have learnt that self-worth and self-acceptance are terms that every human being needs in life. But acceptance of others for who they are too, is essential for a positive and peaceful life. For, all of us have a different story and I am no one to comment on your story and definitely not negatively!

Some things are beyond our control and they will always be.

Now, asking people to be more tolerant and humane might seem like I’m asking too much. All that I am trying to convey through this blog, is that ever since I started accepting and understanding people for who they are, living a happier life without complaints and disappointments has been a piece of cake!