Reductionist Person’s Take on Person of Interest

She romances August, With that sleeveless blouse, that arouses, The surroundings to a soaring degree, She knows we are free, but captured, Hopeless captives, how did this happen? She only had to smile, In a dress so red with matching lipstick, The colour didn't quite fit there, Sitting beneath the canopy of her autumn hair, This new caramel coating, that somehow won the polls,

Where she was the only one voting,

Yet for those devoted, it is A visual masterstroke to the eye which adapts, So perfectly to the white canvas moonshine paper, Haunting black eyes and lips that thin and taper, Embroidered into her face, tied to it her smile and like a shoelace, Every man tries to tie a knot of, and perhaps

My disdain for her new ways is just that the surroundings could not adapt with her,

Or even compete, In my imagination She raises her hand, with a simple friendship band, But having felt her it is gold for us, I knew that she has her own plans, That may or not hold with her, Fair but unfair, Caring when she cares, Impatient till she is patient, Honestly where do we fit into her, Scheme of things now?

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They all know that there are, Two ways to her heart, The pocket or the dial, Throwing good money after bad, Or having a heart to heart at night, And two ways to her lips, Sweet talk or the truth, Add two more cubes of sugar when serving her tea, Or read her tea leaves, scanning for the truth, So maybe when she tires from conversation, With friendly folk enamoured by, What she has to say and how she does, Put things in ways unimaginable, They can barely stay stable, When she pays them the slightest of attention, Then she takes to napping in her inner chambers, No danger, she can snore, Loud like a blow horn, And she takes a torn, Piece of paper with some numbers, That line up sensibly on her cell phone, When all alone, This little speck of angel dust, Tests almost all of us, Who know that there are two ways to her heart, Only two ways that we know, Maybe someone knows another, But that option is unexplored, So it is either,

Winning her over with KBC winning answers or, Priceless questions at the confession booth,

Rich broth or the strained juice,

Sweet talk or the truth

Whatever you choose

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