The Scorned Cherub

Not all angels come

With a divine set of wings

In my experience I have encountered some

Who wear a smile and say the loveliest things

They disguise themselves as ordinary beings

Lawyers. Doctors. Mothers. Friends.

Yet their love and affection ends up freeing

Us from our hateful and untimely ends

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These angels though are special and rare

They don’t pride themselves on being smart or fair

Instead their wit and charm are used to make you beam

Their beauty is derived from their radiant and beautiful dream

It takes courage to be the unsung hero

To bring laughter and kindness where there were zero.

We owe them our gratitude and love

Instead we judge and fleece these peaceful doves.

We ordinary folk are petty and unscrupulous

We think too much and feel too little

We wish and try for our lives to be fabulous

We hurt those who help. Them we belittle.

I take this moment to be gracious

To all the angels who make me, us.

To every thanks I failed to say

To mothers and friends I give this day.

Let there be no more neglected spirits,

No thanks left unsaid, None spared of the love spread.

Go ahead and embrace all those you hold dearest.

Spare no occasion for cheer and no time for dread.