Earthworm’s Love Song

The world is always made in pairs

And you could take my part of it,

You could

All the trees that grow in me have,

Rotten fruits growing on,

Every branch.

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I could put some salt and pepper,

Hope it just gets better as you bite,

And taste,

A part of me,

That's a part of you,

It's not much so please,

Just make do because

It's all I have,

That I have for anyone

Because someone is too much to ask,

I loved you through the past,

Now and forever from now,

You got, some part of me,

That I keep from me for you,

And some part of you,

I hope you can keep for me

Just a very tiny piece,

Like that perfect scene of your morning smile,

The one that I can't deny,

Smiling back to,

Though my doctor does advise,

That I keep my heart glued together with,

Cello tape and bandage wraps,

Cause it is too weak for another romance,

But I keep one end of it ready to open,

I could open that door,

Open it for you,

Cause of every little thing I love,

Loving you has been the best part of it,

Part of it all

Hope you nod and approve,

Of this song and I could swear,

The world is round so our hands could meets,

And interlink like chains,

Take all the pain and keep it contained,

Till the moon does move the tides,

And dismantles the whole thing,

I can give it a chance,

If you are willing to take a chance,

Leap of infinite faith,

For me