Why Men Should Cry

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“Stop crying, you are a boy!”, “Real men don’t cry!”, “why are you crying? Are you a girl?” These are some of the social stigmas that have been prevalent since times in memorial and continue to exist. According to Wikipedia, ‘Crying is the shedding of tears in response to an emotional state.’ This includes anger, happiness or sadness but quite more than often, boys from a very young age are taught to repress themselves by not crying and being what the society terms “a man”.

According to the Telegraph, ‘crying can be very effective and often quite quick, way to lift our mood and allow us to access emotions other than sadness or distress. If men were to be asked why they do not express their emotions, the answer would be because of embarrassment due to the seed of social stigma planted in their head at a very tender age.

Let’s bring in science to justify this whole idea as to why men should most definitely express their emotions

There are three different types of tears; basal, reflex and psychic.

While basal and reflex tears are involuntary- defending your body against dryness, psychic tears are emotionally produced stemming from strong feelings of anger, sadness and anxiety or even overwhelming joy. Psychic tears contain a natural pain killer called leucine enkephalin, which helps you manage your emotional overload.

Crying is a key way of externalising these problems and the first step towards seeking help. The new research shows that whilst men and women deal with their anxiety in different ways, men are likely to bottle up their emotions triggering negative thoughts. Repression of such emotion leads to men resorting to anger, violence or aggression to express themselves and their emotional pain. Research also shows that men are suffering anxiety and mental health problems in greater numbers than women are. Therefore, it is important that men should be encouraged to open up emotionally and have a weep to be able to feel mentally, emotionally and physically stable.

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