We Common Beings

If the earth would fare better in our absence,

Or, if the animals would sneak out from their burrows,

Or if the trees would greet the now clean

Air with a smile on their faces,

Image provided by ImageIN

I wonder,

If the animals and trees could communicate,

What would they say?

Would they revoke the advances of technology?

Or, would they hide like rats in their holes?

Or, would they try to dominate us as an act of revenge?

These questions are pondered upon by the ponderers,

But, they are best left alone by us Common Men,

We Common Men should not be troubled by such

trifle questions,

We are made of shallower stuff, and can’t cope

with the questioning forces of nature,

We act like the best and strongest,

but we are worse than all our supposed “inferior” animals,

We pray one day but murder the next,

We heal one day but wound the next,

We feel confused most of the time,

But most importantly,

We Feel

That feel is a part of our daily life which has been taken for granted,

But sometimes the ability to feel

becomes a curse rather than a boon,

Sometimes a broken heart longs for

an animal’s numbness,

Sometimes the arrogant human in us gives in to the

primitive animal,

And Sometimes, really Sometimes

We yearn to become an Animal…..