Q U 2?

Staring at the crescent moon,

You marvellous creature of marble,

Her thought are garbled,

She got a shade of fertile brown like alluvial silt,

My heart bought itself a treadmill so that it would not stop beating, be still

You are such a rush of blood to the head,

My arms are weakened from seeking your face in the pond,

The mirror holds no water and the water holds a mirror,

That shivers under cool breeze fleeing, fluid seven year bad omen,

She’s cursed, pursed lips that cannot split,

Her mind is blank where formerly it reeked of wit,

People talk to me and say 'Girl thinking waywards,

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But see her looking into her mobile phone, lips zipped and looks like she tamed her',

Tamed girls and animals spirits go flat,

Bitter at first hit but a bit better after that,

Better as in getting better suited to the queer bent of mind,

Horror over rom coms for the latest first date trends,

Man it’s crazy, who could say something about it,

Man she's lazy, she don’'t want to say nothing about it,

Crush or love crushed, it depends on your orientation,

The situation is situated in how she wants to play it,

Debated it in closed chambers, the echo is so strange,

Strained from inner turmoil that coils and emerges as complaints best,

Expressed in emotions, that step out of her heavy chest,

The closet grows warmer with tension, she grows colder with every step,

Untaken, every word unsaid

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