Maybe all we are, is mere atoms in the molecules of another universe.

I have been having these thoughts lately, you know. Maybe we are like dreams – either a pretty long one, or maybe in some other universe, it is a pretty short time span and as the eyelids open, we dissolve into nothingness, like shooting stars.

It is both scary and beautiful that someone could dream of such a beautiful world and yet have the consciousness that none of this exists.

Do you think that they shed tears when they wake up and realize that these dreams, this world doesn’t exist or do they believe that this – what we have here, is their beautiful reality and everything else is an illusion.

Don’t be so confused. All I am trying to say is that maybe, they live in the vicinity of two worlds and they are confused, just like we are about the place where they belong to.

And maybe we are fragments of fragments of fragments. Maybe these stars – as they twinkle disappear into some other world, snap out of their dreams and then realize that there isn’t anyone realizing their beauty.

And you know, maybe, the shooting stars don’t burn out. Maybe they disappear into nothingness – the dust travelling to another world far, far away and then they burn again and again until they reach the place where we are all headed to.

This sky is a beautiful slate and as I lay down here, with you, I believe more and more that we are the sketches of a beautiful artist. As I hold your hand, I realize that in this vicinity – our small vicinity, everything is so unreal yet so real.

Maybe we are dreams and this sky is a just a black page with white dots and random blotches of white paint.

Maybe we are the other universe for someone else. Maybe this soft breeze travels through the universe, bringing them together, yet keeping them apart.

Maybe after a month, or a year or just the next second – my world will break as I travel to another universe.

Maybe this is my dream or maybe this is the reality. Maybe we are atoms or maybe we are universes ourselves.

Maybe you died in my dream and I have been stuck there forever or maybe that is my reality, too hard to accept for me.

But right now, in this vicinity oblivious of the complexities, as I see these stars travelling and these comets flying and these constellations smiling, with you, I realize that this is the place to be.

This vicinity between the two universes watching the transient transition is somewhere I could stay forever.

Because, maybe we are lovers or maybe we are memories.

Maybe we are atoms or maybe we are universes.