Lonely Princess

She was called forth, tray held, arms shaking.

Her family had fought her will till its breaking.

Her parents, relatives leapt with happiness,

Upon hearing a disyllabic word from the boy; Yes.

The family involved in preparation,

Friends in jubilant celebration.

She was left alone to her morose future

Destined to marry a prince; her suitor.

The marriage took place with all pomp and show,

There was food aplenty and wine did flow.

Later she followed her husband home,

A gentrified abode complete with a dome.

With only luxuries and gold to keep her company

The lonely princess now longed for her family.

Though her body was captive in a marble cell,

Her mind roamed glorious meadows; there it did dwell.

One day she chanced on a fallen dove, bloodied wings.

The bird was a casualty in man’s greed for things

She nursed and cared for the dove herself,

Until the prince arrived and broke the spell.

Unexpectedly the prince scooped up the dove

And gently caressed its head with love.

As the princess watched the prince melt,

She was taken aback by the newfound love she felt.

Not one but two companions she’d found then,

And thence the spouse became the friend.

Their subsequent romance I will save for another saga,

And with this I bid you a hearty sayonara.