Like A Stream These Talks (tribute)

This is a reimagined version of a beautiful poem by Tanishq Bharadwaj, you can check it out here

Like a stream these talks,

Haunt and command,

Stand like a bed of little pearls glistening,

Rinsed in the brine of the sea by the sands,

Where man found god in the simple affirmation of the plan

I think therefore I am

A current of morning dew,

Crystal clear aqua blue,

Where in the forests running through,

It's whisper wafts like the aural residue,

That removes eerie silence, piling,

In wafers stacks which when combined is,

Just the sort of bait to usher out the delay,

Of decay that takes all the green and just paints,

Our smiles are the joy that breaks the pain

Moved by a body of moving water,

Willed by the force of a glacier, pacing through the land with otters,

Injecting with dams, damned beasts are damn good at their jobs,

Lake made from a stream that makes a home for night, day, dusk and dawn,

In it's reflection, the listener may reflect on the other's introspection,

A big hug than a hurried hello,

Time bides us to forgo what it cannot capture on it's own,

The beauty that is our connection spread about in all directions is beautiful,

Dutifully still, a means that overshadows any end,

And has no end to go to,

Better to stand still than ignore the surround