Environment: A factor influencing one’s growth


The theoretical definition of environment is the surrounding or conditions in which person, animal or plant lives or operates. In today’s era, when I look around I have seen many people being extremely stressed or depressed, which affects their mental health and this in turn reduces their productivity and efficiency to do work. There could be hundreds of factors which might lead to stress but most of them said that they weren’t living in a ‘sound environment’. So, now what does environment mean you?

The word environment is derived from the French word ‘Environ’ which means ‘surrounding’ which includes biotic factors like humans and abiotic factors like air. In today’s time our environment also includes our social impressions, social profile strength and virtual network. I would like the readers to pause for a minute and introspect your life and list those environmental factors that help you and factors which you would like to change. It could be the smallest of the things like you don’t like your room wallpaper or I prefer more greenery.

Going back to school days, I recollect, a rotten apple spoils the entire bunch of apples, the same is the case with life. If you do not surround yourself with likeminded individuals and positive people, there are chances that one particular person’s negative thoughts or railing attitude makes your mind think in the similar way. To give an example, in a group there will always be a person complaining and telling this is difficult, its impossible to do it and then if the person holds a strong influence over the group, the entire group thinks in the similar manner. It makes a person restricted and thus limits his power of thinking. We cannot be rude to all these people who speak negative by just walking away, we need to master the art of ‘Effective Listening’, where you listen only what you want to.

After reading hundreds of autobiographies of entrepreneurs, I have noticed that you should surround yourself with ‘people smarter than you’, when you’re with people smarter than you, you’re bound to pick up one or two skills from the other person which increases your efficiency. They serve as your mentors and help you focus in the right direction. All those individuals who have been successful entrepreneurs, very few were privileged to get everything set for them, most of them made their so called ‘environment of their own’, be it finding a suitable co – founder to arrange the resources. Thus, one needs to visualize the type of environment one wants and create it.

When you are in your group of likeminded people, never forget the person who helps to show the true reality or true image of yourself and speaks directly to the point on your face, as he is not your enemy but a well-wisher. There could be people who would just make you feel big by praising your one or two qualities and make you feel like the king of the world and then speak behind your back and never show you the true image. There could also be a set of people who shall be with you during your peak time, enjoy all the benefits that come with it and once you face a downfall, the same people tarnish your image by saying, ‘I know he wasn’t capable enough or I knew he would fail’.

In towards world, people have made two images of themselves a virtual image and a real image. It is not necessary that a person who post a picture with 20 people, who are his friends, is genuinely connected with all of them. Some people get depressed by seeing a person continuously doing well each day and feel they are useless, but you never know if the other person isn’t showing the other part and you must always compete with yourself to reach heights than with others. 

One thing which a person shouldn’t forget is one’s roots. When you get shifted to any environment, you should be connected with your roots and your core values and principles of life which you follow, they should not be comprised at any point. Thus, it is you who has to see that xyz is the reason why I’m not able to reach my goal, just list the points down and see how you can eradicate it or change it in your environment. I would conclude with a small example, I found I required an hour more a day, to complete my task thus I analysed the things which were taking my time and noticed if I could cut down my time on watching T.V and scavenging on social media, I could complete my task. Similar is the thing with people, when someone comes to speak to you, we make an opinion about it, we do not check if its right or verify it. 

When the person speaks to you, about something, ask him/her is it Good or Bad, if its bad don’t bother to listen. Second, ask if its true or false, if he says he doesn’t know ask him to get the facts correct and third, ask if its beneficial to you and the person/thing, if not do not bother to listen. You shall save yourself from ‘GOSSIP’ which creates most of the disturbances.