Enemies & Friends-II

When girls turn to women,

When thoughts make from noise,

And hold their own,

You know you're at home,

With yourself

When trees grow from shrubs,

And the valley is deep enough to cast into itself a shadow,

When the protest finally makes peace,

The oxygen in the air is finally free,

For everyone to breath

When it comes to this,

We will lay out a bed of roses for you to gaze at the stars

In joyous circles dance under the moonlight

You said it wouldn't matter,

Next time would be better,

I'm sure you tried to reason it out,

But we can only cry in the bathroom,

It's human course,

And as far distanced from it as possible

You know what that you know,

You are a gem of a person,

Other times it can be hard to be that way,

That's the way you were born,

That's what you bred as your actions,

Bread crumbs can't be far removed from the loaf

When it comes to this,

We will hold candles so that the wax may harden us,

Battle scars galvanised in our living memory

Remember though:

Seeing is believing,

Perceiving is releasing,

Any version of a cheery holiday,

Upon a bland sunday

But nothing is worth that trouble,

Yet you are so much trouble,

That strangely it is that much charming,

Frankly quite alarming

Cause when I weigh on a scale,

A million different experiences,

Pretences of feeling alive and actually feeling expensive,

Cause the interaction seems rich, earning social capital,

Party animal,

I hope you don’t mind being in that set,

That end of things

-Special thanks: James Murphy