Edited by Sanyam Garg

“Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.”- Red

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” - Andy Dufresne

- “The Shawshank Redemption

What is hope? When you type the four letter word on Google it defines the noun as a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen, but I believe, it is actually a verb that depicts one's efforts at sabotaging the demonic efforts of the present with the promise of an ebullient future. Just like the jumble a storm conceives before the advance of dawn, sometimes our lives get piled on with rubbles of incomplete emotions awaiting the morning; Awaiting the aurora of light to strike our chords of misfortune, to bring forth the goodness in sight, to erase the blunders of the night, and what is this aurora of light? It’s nothing but hope. Like an extravagant ornament, it decorates your darkness with light. It is a lamp your conviction fuels till the night passes by and the rays of sunlight are felt. To hope through the hardships is one of the best adventures. All the proceedings you have ever envisaged fall short of the surprises that believing in hope has for you. You witness numerous emotions shunting and proclaiming your inner-self as you live through mere seconds with the emotions of living a lifetime. However far-fetched your path might be, however hard you might fight to oust what you feel, however strongly you might try to forge trouble, however earnestly you might try to lead your memories to their demise, the hope remains, it follows you around the world and protects you in a shielded cocoon while you remain deaf to harbinger’s calls announcing fatal destructions. However ignorant we might remain to its actual intents at masking the severity of the situation; In the end, we let it rule for it brings down our struggle. And so the unknown future has been associated with hope. A term that remains a stranger till the bitterness of present gets adjourned and then in the happiness that marks an end to your suffering, you name it ' hope'. Hope, a four letter word that has earned itself the status of sitting right next to God. One little word, ‘hope’, an answer to all your prayers. It becomes easier, doesn't it? When you put your faith in this beautiful term called ‘hope’? You overcome the little-little hurdles that form bits of your grave and nefarious problems. You emerge victoriously but are yet incapable of celebrating the glory of it. Why? Because your hope was more beautiful. Don’t get so involved in the hope of a better future that you stop finding solace in the goodness of today. Are you turning a blind eye to the obstacles you see? Or do you fear to accept the harsh realities of life?

Reading this, some of you might question what's the wrong in keeping hope. Oh, I write not for proving something right or wrong. I write just to throw some light, to remember, to ponder and be aware of the things we practice and yet they remain on the outskirts of our ability to think deeply. So yeah, for those with faith its right to hope if it gives you the strength to march ahead. For those who do not, yes it is right again not to waste your energy on prophesying about something better while you need to save your energy to fight the present. When the hope fails to lift the pall you hide behind a stone heart and a tongue that relishes in the singing of fire and agony. You think this might just be your saviour but all it does is intensify the gravity of your troubles. Why not encase that innocence before the devious world tears it apart? Why not take help and rediscover hope. Why not hope to be stronger; to fight back what life has offered you than to let hope falsify your today and show you a future nobody has seen.

Before the truth can set you free, you need to realise which lie is holding you hostage and this realisation is called hope. When you have fear and hardships surrounding you, you hold onto something that gives you the strength to fight back and this strength is called hope. You keep waiting for innumerable days till moments of joy and happiness seeps into your life and you call this wait, ‘hope’. Hope exists solely in our imagination and can help us overcome all difficulties or can simply give us more battles to fight. It’s really strange how we make the choice of the hope we want.

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